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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Timeless Color

I was so pleasantly surprised to happen upon this wonderful new fabric house today called Thatchers' Fine Timeless Fabric . Upon first look, their patterns could almost be mistaken as Lilly Pulitzer , and for good reason; the three artists/designers have many years experience working for the lovely Lilly back in the early years of the brand. However, there is an inherent elegance in this whimsical 100% cotton chintz fabric which with a little browsing of their web site I learned is because it is made in France (even "French" fabric isn't manufactured in France in most cases anymore) in one of the finest mills.
My affinity for the ocean draws me most strongly towards two of the first four patterns released in this line which are Le Melange des Princesses (top) and Les Trois Princesses de la Mer (above), however the two floral patterns are equally as gorgeous. It is always so nice to see designers who are not afraid of bold colors, and I love that owner Becky Smith is making it her goal to create a high quality product that can be passed down through generations. What better lessons can we pass down to our children than to live a colorful life. I am so looking forward to seeing future collections from this fabulous company.

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  1. Bonjour Sarah!
    We were thrilled to find your post on our Facebook page this morning! And, you are so thoughtful to include us on your blog. We are just beginning our social media "life" and very much appreciate your kind words. We are a très petite company offering a non-pareil fabric. We have married new, whimsical, and creative designs with the finest quality cotton chintz. Its application in the home is only limited by one's imagination!
    Merci beaucoup pour tout! Please let us know how we can help you use our fabric!

    Dans le tissu rose et vert,
    Thatchers' Fine Timeless Fabric
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