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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going With the (gros)Grain

Today is one of those days when I have the feeling that there is a higher power trying to tell me something. For months, actually probably years, I have been designing products in my head that focus on the use of grosgrain ribbon. Newport is pretty much a grosgrain world- CK Bradley , Vineyard Vines , J. Crew -so it's not unusual to dream in grosgrain around here. This morning I finally went and bought several yards of ribbon to start playing with and turn these designs into reality, but before I could start, I wanted to get the day's blog post up. I was busily researching another topic when lo and behold I came across this grosgrain chair and pillow by Dransfield & Ross. There were many other great grosgrain pillow designs as well. Oddly enough, while digging through the ribbons this morning I came across a navy blue and kelly green one that matched my dining room perfectly. The thought crossed my mind to pick it up because I need to recover the chairs in there, but how I would do it with ribbon wasn't coming to me quickly enough (as my 11 month old was unraveling a roll of ribbon across the entire store). Anyway, I'm not sure if the powers above are trying to tell me that the ideas rolling around in my head for years are indeed genius or that someone else is already doing something similar (I think I'll go with genius!), but either way, I think my dining room chairs are going to look awesome with their new grosgrain upholstery.

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