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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Design Your Own Upholstery Fabric

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've known exactly what I wanted for fabric, but couldn't find it which seems impossible when you see the millions of options out there, but it's true. So I was so excited this morning to discover Spoonflower which allows you to design your own fabric and have it printed on anything from quilting fabric to organic cotton sateen to upholstery fabric and even a linen/cotton blend canvas. They also offer a great selection of pre-designed prints by textile and graphic designers and I just love that you can have any of them printed on exactly the type of fabric you need for your project.

Weirdfishes by leighr
These are just a few of my favorites. I had to stop myself from spending all day browsing these designs.

Birds Tiled by yvonne_herbst

Dotsnlines2 by dolphinandcondor

Ovals Plain by joybucket

There are infinite ways that you could use this fabulous site. It would be a great way to use your children's artwork...scan in the picture, upload it and make a pillow from the fabric. Then you've got a personal, useful piece of art in your home or to give grandparents. You can also upload photos. I think I may dig out my old textile designs from my RISD class and try one out. And I clearly now need to get a graphic design program on my computer because this could be my new favorite activity. Prices are totally reasonable and range from $18/yard to $32/yard and you only have to order 1 yard. Happy textile designing!

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