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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Blooms

I have been looking for some inspiration for floral arrangements for my daughter's first birthday party next weekend. Since a lot of people will be celebrating Easter next weekend and I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't just plain enjoy some beautiful flowers, I thought I'd share some of what I found. Nothing seems to say spring more than a bird's nest and some beautiful tulips and daffodils.
I just love how sweet these are. Unfortunately, I don't own any egg cups (despite the fact that I've spent 7 years of my professional career working for French home decor companies and trying to get other people to buy them), but I do have a very sweet petite sterling silver mint julep cup with my daughter's name engraved on it that I think some lillies of the valley would look equally as sweet in....perhaps to dress up the powder room.
I always love the look of wheatgrass in an arrangement, but I am never organized enough to get it growing early on enough to actually use it.
I'm a bit torn on whether to go with bright bold colors which are more my tendency or soft sweet ones that seem more appropriate for a baby. Granted my daughter's personality is a bit more bold than sweet so maybe that answers my question right there. I love the burst that the crysanthemums add to this arrangement.
Put a peony in just about anything and you've won me over. They are hands down my favorite flower. It just about killed me that the florist couldn't guarantee me they'd be able to get good ones for my wedding (in the month of August), but I must say they came as close as possible to the same look I was going for with some gorgeous open garden roses (in case you ever run into the same problem, it is possible).
I also love ranunculus (my bridesmaids carried these). They basically look like a smaller version of the peony. And I don't know what these furry green pom pom looking flowers are, but they are awesome.

Now this is what I call a bouquet of roses! And I love the large leaves that support it because it really needs something of a grander scale instead of just any little greenery.
Again, very sweet and I love the colors together. I'm thinking something like this in one long container with moss that I have may be what I use in the dining room.
Lastly, I always love the unexpected so this little bird perched on a twig which adds an element of rusticness to an otherwise elegant arrangement is really nice.

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