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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trompe l'Oeil Wallpaper at Couture Deco

You would think that with all the wallpaper posts I've done that my house would be filled with it or would at least have a drop of it, but no, I still don't have a single room in my house with wallpaper. I think I'm getting close to reaching my breaking point and we'll be seeing it soon, although I have been contemplating a wallpaper stencil (never thought I would say stencil and my house in the same paragraph). Here is yet another group of wallpaper gems from Couture Deco. There is just something so fun about tromp l'oeil (trick the eye) wallpaper that will have all of your house guests talking. The Kapyton Leather wallpaper (above) even has the texture of leather even though it is made of paper.
With winter just around the corner, why not curl up in your cozy knit papered room.
I've always loved the idea of having a library filled with beautiful books, and while I love to read, with two little kids I'd be lying if I said the last book I read was anything but Brown Bear, Brown Bear. No offense to Eric Carl. I do love his books, but they aren't exactly what I have in mind for my dream library that makes me look really intelligent. Anyhow, now anyone can have a beautiful, expensive looking library with the XIXe Century Biblioteque wallpaper. Of course, there won't actually be any books in it.

And if you've always wanted beautiful hand carved French doors, you can have the look of those now too with the Louis XV Old French Door wallpaper. All of these papers install with regular wallpaper paste and are sure to be a conversation starter. There are many more great trompe l'oeil wallpapers are Couture Deco so be sure to check them out.

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