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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Pick of the Week: Recycled T-Shirt Pillows & Rugs

I must admit that I am slightly torn about this item. On the one hand I find these Recycled T-Shirt Pillows very fun visually, and I think the designers at Talking Squid have a great eye for color like in the rug shown below. Plus, it's not often you find a pillow in a sphere shape. On the other hand, the only info they give on the material is that it's recycled t-shirts which does not sound like an appealing thing to put in my home. Based on the fact that they have so much of the same material, it is clear that these t-shirts have not been worn and they are probably either buying overstocks or just straight out remnant t-shirt material.
I really wish they provided a little more info on their Etsy page, but in the end I am a huge fan of re-using or finding new uses for materials and I think they add a splash of fun and color to a room. Plus, they'd make pillow fights more like dodgeball which sounds like fun!

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