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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dahlia Bouquet

I was having friends over for dinner on Saturday night so I was looking for some flowers for the table. I headed to my family's summer home where my aunts have pretty spectacular gardens, and as it is the season for dahlias and so many were in bloom, I naturally headed to that section of the garden with the clippers. There were about four different massive dahlia plants, but I stuck to the pinks (surprise, surprise). As I gathered them and then wandered about the house chatting and putting clippers away, etc. I was holding the dahlias as a bouquet and thought to myself, why on earth don't more brides use dahlias for their bouquets. They are so stunning and the color variations among one flower add so much dimension to a bouquet. I googled dahlia bouquets and it seems that florists are using them sparingly mixed in with other flowers, but it's almost not even worth it in my opinion because their visual impact is most striking when they are all gathered together. I placed this bunch in a square glass vase and they were quite lovely, but any of you brides who are getting married in August/September should seriously consider these beauties. Plus, they are available in so many colors! Lucky for me, there are still loads of buds on the ones I picked from so I think I'll treat myself to a new bouquet each week while I can.

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