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Friday, September 17, 2010

Catalog Living

"Gary Jr. was getting a little tired of his parents none-too-subtle digs at his recent bed-wetting phase." -Catalog Living

There is no better time than a gray Friday afternoon to share a good laugh. I found the hysterical blog Catalog Living earlier in the summer, and must apologize for not sharing it earlier. The blog chronicles the so-called lives of the people who live in the pages of catalogs. Molly Erdman, a writer, actor and comedian based in L.A. came up with the blog and has named her catalog residents Gary and Elaine. Having worked on many catalog photo shoots, I can completely see where the stylists were starting out and then how they took their propping too far. If you are at work, be prepared that it will be almost impossible to not burst out in laughter and you may even laugh so hard that you cry.
Happy Friday!

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