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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids Birthday Party

On Saturday, my daughter Carolina had a joint birthday party with her best friend for their 2nd birthday. They are nine days apart so it was perfect. It was also perfect that her friend's mother shares my neurosis for details which I knew in advance, but which really came to light when the two of us were testing every pen in Michael's Craft Store trying to get just the right color ink to match the invitations I had designed (using a free graphic design program called Inkscape). I knew I had found someone I could really work with! We went with a simple theme of pink and purple as my daughter is always in pink and her's is in purple, and we threw in a little green to tie things together where we needed to.
Of course, I had to make tissue paper pom poms (well actually, the pink and green ones were the same as the ones I used last year that now hang in my daughter's room when party time is over) to hide my hideous ceiling fans and add a little ambiance. This was the first time I made them with a patterned paper and I think the floral ones actually came out really cute.
The table screamed spring! I love having my daughter's birthday in the spring. There is so much appropriate decor out there to incorporate into a little girl's party this time of year. And at the last minute we decided to use some cute mini cupcake wrappers as individual ketchup servings for the kids which really added a great visual element to our serving platters too.
There are few things I love more than a good monogram! I came up with this one using the first initial of each of the girls' names, and had originally planned to use it on the invite, but at the last minute before going to print realized that we were doing it for us and it didn't really scream 2 year old so I did a quick change with a cupcake. But we had to get it in somewhere so we made it into cupcake picks...
and put a 2 on the opposite side. Of course we had to have pink and purple cupcake wrappers and pink and purple sprinkles to match. And I am now obsessed with having the proper tools to frost and decorate cakes and cupcakes. The Wilton Cupcake Decorating Set provides four tips, icing bags, and directions (if you are so inclined to read such things) on how to do different styles so you can create more professional looking sweets on your own. Go get one if you ever frost your own baked goods.

Displaying the 5 dozen cupcakes on different serving pieces of various shapes and heights made for a more interesting visual display.
A little garden of Peep pops (lollipop stick inserted into Peep-couldn't be easier) just for fun.

And for the favors, we found pink and purple tins that we filled with giblets, wrapped in green grosgrain, and sealed with our monogram label. None of these things were particularly difficult to do. In fact on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, I'd put them at about a 4. With a little creativity and a few extra dollars (but not many), you can create a truly customized kids birthday party with a big impact without blowing the budget.

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