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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy Pick of the Week: Circa Ceramics

Thank you to Jerry James Stone for the tip on Circa Ceramics, a fabulous Etsy store featuring colorful ceramic ware with pop graphics.
Each piece, which range from mugs, bowls and plates to necklaces, magnets, and mini tiles, is available in 12 colors (reminiscent of fiestaware) and more than two dozen graphics so you can create exactly the look you want.
The options for graphics include my favorite, the whale (top), as well as a full range of hobby themes and other popular icons such as the VW bus and bug, a sewing machine, a rolling pin, a camera, a bike, an owl and so much more.

I hope The Pioneer Woman has this spoonrest. Ah, the spoonrest! Whatever happened to it? I feel like nobody every has them in their homes anymore, but they are such a useful item, and when you can have one this as good looking as the ones Circa Ceramics offers, you should really have one.

These ceramics have a decidedly retro feel and would obviously look amazing in a retro kitchen, but individual pieces make great personal gifts and show people you were really thinking of them. And it's also always a huge benefit to be able to customize your pieces. How often do you find something you love, but the color is all wrong?! So hop on over to Circa Ceramics and start creating your very own piece. As each item is custom made, delivery takes three weeks. Waste no time!

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