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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

End of Season Gardening

While I love all of the seasons, I never have an easy time saying goodbye to my garden come late fall. And even though I must admit that I've highly neglected the garden of late, I will still miss it until spring. I found this hydrangea bloom last weekend and became mildly obsessed with it. The colors are so spectacular in it and it was that last little bit of beauty from a summer bloom.
This week, we had our first forecast for frost and so after taking the kids trick or treating and getting them to bed, I ended up in my vegetable garden with a flashlight at 10 p.m. picking every last thing I could-tomatoes, peppers, green beans. We didn't have the frost that was forecasted, but I thought it was a good reminder that it's time to bring it all in. If you have potted herbs, you should be able to bring those in and keep them going inside for a bit. Or pick them and dry them or freeze them in water in ice cube trays so you can pop an herb cube out as needed.
Frost also means that the ground is going to be frozen soon so if you want to see daffodils, tulips, crocus and other spring bulbs, now is the time to make sure you get them planted. There is nothing quite like that first bloom after a long winter.

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