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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etsy Pick of the Week: Shell Mirror

I am a complete beachaholic. Admitting it is the first step, right? I could literally spend all day, every day at the beach and never get bored with it, and because I've grown up on the rocky and beachy coastline of Rhode Island, I've got a pretty good collection of shells and seaglass. Naturally, it would make sense for me to incorporate some aspects of the beach into my home and I know a lot of you would like to do the same. Sounds easy, right? Well, actually it is, but for some reason I constantly see people who love the beach crossing the line when bringing it into their homes. Sorry, but flip flop coasters are not the way to do it. If you happen to have them, it's not too late. Just slowly go pick them up and bring them to your closest trash can. I think the best way to do it and still be completely chic is to just pick one bold piece such as a shell mirror- the bigger the better- like this one from Etsy shop Beach Grass Cottage. The nice thing about this shop is that they has a variety of sizes and shapes available and can make it to order. They also have a variety of colors and shells available, but I would suggest sticking to all white for a more sophisticated look. It would look great over a nice entry table in a foyer that isn't too cluttered. If you want to display those treasures from your beach jaunts find a few nice glass jars where you can put them. You also can't go wrong by adding a few large scale shells like starfish or coral branches to your decor, but just remember to keep it simple and you can have a very chic but beachy space.

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