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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emergency Cocktail Station

With all the snow we've been getting on top of just getting off of holiday break and the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, my kids sure seem to be home a lot more than usual. They are predicting more snow for RI tonight until about noon tomorrow making the morning commute difficult, and I am fearing school will be canceled again. In order to survive another day trapped in my house with two children, I think I had better get one of these emergency cocktail stations from urbancase. All the glassware and bar tools are included. I just need to fill those little bottles up with my poison (I mean pleasure) of choice.
And then it folds up neatly right against the wall. In fact, I believe the general recommendation is to have emergency items on each floor of the house so I should probably get one for upstairs and the basement as well in case I find myself in a dire situation. I suppose it would also be really great for something like a tiny apartment in the city where space is optimal.

1 comment:

  1. So adorable!! What a great little invention. We could all use one of these for those special moments!