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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Laura Megroz Pillows and Rugs

It seems that every store I walked into in Rhode Island this summer is loaded with pillows and rugs by artist Laura Megroz. And I suppose it's for a good reason. Her designs are charming and fit in very well with the coastal lifestyle that people in this part of the country enjoy.
Megroz has many designs that don't follow a coastal theme, but does tend to design for popular vacation destinations whether it be a camp in the Adirondacks or the shores of New England.
Her pieces would be great when used as an accent rug in a kitchen or entry or a pillow in a corner chair or on a bed. I couldn't help but to include the black lab pillow below since I have a black lab mix and a boat about that size, the "Toy Boat" we call it. Now if only she weren't afraid of the water.

Because these pillows and rugs are hooked, they tend to lend themselves to a little bit of a country feel so I wouldn't go overboard with putting them in every room in the house, unless of course you really love the country look. I, of course, would generally recommend not going overboard with any sort of theme, but a piece of her work here and there is sure to put a smile on your face.

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