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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roseberry Winn Tile

This past Saturday, my sister, mother, daughter (with her 13 months of design expertise) and I made a trip to Tiverton Four Corners to check out the Roseberry Winn Pottery Seconds Sale in search of some tile for the 18th Century Colonial Renovation my sister and her husband are working on. Finally, we're starting to get to the really fun stuff on this project! Roseberry Winn Pottery is the masterful collaborative work of Michael Roseberry and Bruce Winn who go through many phases of design before they develop a mold to cast their beautiful designs which are then hand finished. Besides tiles of varying sizes, they create vases, pitchers, mugs, bowls and much more, but we were there to focus on tile.
It is clear that Roseberry Winn tile will add a truly unique and custom look to any room. These are just a few of the sample boards they display in their store to give you some inspiration.
Above is a large selection of the top quality tile designs they offer.
And here are some of the "seconds" that we were choosing from. These were considered lower quality because of inconsistencies in the glazing, air pockets, cracks, etc. however most were perfectly fine and there were enough of them to get a stack of like colors.
We were looking for tiles that would work in the master bath, kitchen, and the two fireplace surrounds in the living room and master bedroom. So since my sister wants to go with sea blue and greens for her master bath, we chose the cross radial tile in an aqua color which will either be used in the shower or as a sink backsplash. The white box radial tile will either be used in conjunction with the cross radial tile in the master bath or possibly in the living room in each corner of the fireplace surround.
In the master bedroom she is thinking of going with a lavender gray color. This has not yet been run by my brother-in-law, but we bought the waves tile in a soft lavender glaze (this photo doesn't do it justice) so it looks like he might not have much of a choice, and it's actually quite nice. We didn't have any luck in our search for kitchen tiles, but we were quite pleased with what we did find (and since then I've found a great idea for kitchen tiling that I'll share soon). These tiles are normally $12 per tile so $108 per square foot-not cheap-but by buying just enough of them at the $5 per tile sale price to create accents and mix them with more reasonably priced tiles, she is still going to achieve a custom look. Of course, if your budgets permits, go all out and you're sure to be pleased with the results as well.

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