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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kitchen Ladder Lust

I swoon every time I see a nice tall ladder, particularly on a track, in a kitchen. I don't know if it is because I love the look or am envious of the amount of storage one must have in order to need a ladder to reach it.
Whether you have open shelving or closed cabinets, a kitchen ladder adds a bit of character to a space and works in both modern and traditional homes.

A lot of people have dead space above their kitchen cabinets because builder's don't want to make the cabinets too high for people to reach, but a nice kitchen ladder solves that problem.
The only thing that concerns me about them is that in a situation such as in the above picture it seems the ladder might be in the way and you'd constantly have to move it. I would suggest doing one if you have storage on a wall opposite your work space or if you have at least a thin strip of wall where the ladder can be stored when not in use so that you can access all of your cabinets without having to move it regularly.

Images via:
The Casting Dock, Flights of Whimsy, Peter Pennoyer, and Hegebee 57

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