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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dining Nooks

I confess. I love a fabulous nook and I don't mean the ereader kind. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or to cozy up with a cup of coffee doesn't matter as long as it is cozy and/or chic. Nooks are a great spot to make a bold statement.
What makes a nook a nook? There actually appears to be some confusion about this. When I googled "dining nook" and "breakfast nook" I got all sorts of search results that were of dining tables in kitchens. There is a difference between an eat in kitchen and an eating nook (I find the word becomes a bit annoying after saying it enough times, but I love them too much to care).
In my opinion, a nook is a space that is typically very small. It can either be a separate room or the small area of a kitchen, but it would typically be hard to do much with. I generally think there should be a built-in element to a nook, although it's not always required.
A nook always should be cozy and intimate.
I don't have a nook anywhere in my house right now, but someday I dream (like most) of expanding my kitchen quite a bit and putting a wonderful nook with a backdrop of windows to the west where we can look out onto our gardens, watch the sunset and see the ocean in the distance while sitting cozily in our kitchen. Oh, to dream.

Images via
Elle Decor, Element Interiors, Coastal Living, Southern Living, and House Beautiful

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