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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Etsy Picky of the Week: Heather Rawlinson Organic Screen Printed Fabrics

London based designer Heather Rawlinson creates these beautiful pieces of screen printed organic cotton fabrics using solvent free, waterbased inks. Because of the nature of the printing each piece of fabric isn't particularly large, but is ample enough to easily create pillows or other smaller household objects. Each print is available in a variety of colors and at prices ranging between $10 and $16 for each piece or buy the fabric pack (above) for only $95 (and shipping is very inexpensive so don't be afraid to order from across the pond).

The quality and attention to detail is clear in this close-up of Spot in aqua.

I also love this ABC print for a child's room. It could easily be made into a pillow, but I think framing it and hanging it would be even better. Since it comes in a variety of colors, a series of 3 of them would be a great statement. They recommend the 20" Ribba frame from Ikea. Another great Etsy find!

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