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Monday, January 4, 2010

Everything In Its Place

With the wonder of the holidays also comes the "stuff" that arrived under the tree and slowly begins to overtake the house. Maybe I should re-phrase that as the "new stuff" that you have to find a place for in addition to the "old stuff" that still isn't where you want it. At least that is the story in my house with two little ones who love to sprinkle the living room with toys, plus my own inability to come to terms with the fact that we've lived in our house for 2 1/2 years now and those built ins and pantry I've been dreaming of since day 1 aren't going to get built any time soon so it's time to find a different home for all those books and platters that are still in boxes. Enter my 2010 New Year's resolution: A place for everything and everything in its place! I feel like if I can follow this, everything else will fall into place because my mind won't be so cluttered by all the clutter surrounding me. While I've made progress I thought I'd scour for some more inspiration, and here's what I found. Hopefully this inspires you all too whether you're looking for a new place for your paper clips or need to completely overhaul your closet.

Martha Stewart creates a mini-office in a faux armoire.
Not only do I covet the the idea of having so many shoes, but also that they would all be as organized as Mariah Carey's in this fabulous closet (featured in In Style).

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to dig through the linen closet to find just what you're looking for? (California Closets)
I must say that our garage is very organized thanks to my husband, but this Martha Stewart peg system still gives us something to aspire too.
Martha even has every little garden tool in its place. This is what I'm talking about when I say "get organized".
Daring to dream. I don't have the space for a playroom system quite this large from Pottery Barn Kids without it taking over my living room, however, it can still inspire. A basket for everything and flat art boxes for your budding artists work.
Seriously, I love this idea...miniature drawers labeled with chalkboard fronts for even your smallest items. Thank you again Martha!
And wouldn't it be nice if it started the moment we each walked in the door (Coastal Living). It is only Jan. 4th and I have only taken some small steps so far, but I'm thinking this is doable and will post my storage solutions once they are in place.
HAPPY 2010!

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