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Friday, August 5, 2011

Creating a Consistant Theme for a Wedding from Invitations to Favors

It may seem unnecessary, but creating a wedding logo for your big day really makes a statement. That's what we did for the lobsterbake wedding I did in June. I have to admit that I lucked out because the bride's brother is an amazingly talented graphic designer that did the hard work on it, but I also think that the fact that we carried the logo throughout the wedding really made a statement and actually made it a lot easier when it came to deciding how we were going display other things. The monogram surrounding the logo made it's way into almost all of the details of the day from the invitations to the favor.

I have to say that the place cards were quite possibly one of my favorite details. We struggled with how to fit everything on the cards when the sail of the boat stuck up so high into the place card, and then it dawned on me to add a burgee to the top of the sail, and I love it! Those who were allergic to shellfish also got a pirate flag on their boat. We used the same lobster graphic as we used elsewhere to denote who was having lobster for dinner.
Because there were so many out of towners traveling in from across the country, we knew there would be some people who had never cracked a lobster. Printing out diagrammed instructions framed by a border with our logo for each table helped out the guests.
Simple signs with the logo lets people know where they should leave gifts and cards.

And of course the favor couldn't have been any cuter with the logo on it. I LOVE these wine glass favors and they are super reasonable over at Favor Favor.

But you can't just hand someone a glass. We packaged it up with a cute little thank you tag with our signature lobster. It's the details that make the difference!

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