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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simple Holidays

When stores start decking the halls in September, it's easy to get caught up in all of the hullabaloo that makes the holidays complicated and stressful instead of joyful and about family and friends. Sometimes just going with the flow also gives you the best results. On Thanksgiving morning, my mother came over to my house to "do" my window boxes for the holidays. I am very lucky because my mother likes doing this sort of thing and with two little ones, by the time I get to thinking about it, let alone actually doing it, it is usually not worth it. I made my way outside as my mother was finishing up to see how the window boxes looked (as though I warranted a say in this free service being offered to me), and my mom was pulling together the leftover greens. There wasn't enough to do much with them so I suggested we pull together a little swag for my front door. Of course I didn't know where my floral wire was so I just grabbed the first piece of anything resembling string I could find which happened to be this navy and red ribbon on my car floor (secret revealed-my car is a catchall). So now I have a have a very simple swag with a little touch of prep-which suits me just fine-for my front door for the holidays. And if I'm being totally honest, when I showed it to my son he said "Oh, that's the string from my pants." I was wondering where that ribbon came from. Oh well.

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