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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dreams of a Bigger Kitchen

Two and a half years ago when we were house hunting we were thrilled after looking at 50 houses (literally!) to finally find one in our budget with a great big living room, formal dining room, and a newer kitchen with a good size island. I thought it was going to be just perfect (with a few cosmetic changes). But the thing is, that no matter how big your house is, everyone hangs out in the kitchen and I feel like an awful host since that means only two people get to sit. So I'm now thinking that all houses should be 75% kitchen and 25% living space, and the thought keeps being reinforced over and over again every time we have people over whether it's just another couple for dinner or the whole gang. It's not in the cards right now, but I can't wait to be able to blow out our kitchen and I always love looking for inspiration. Here are some great kitchens, and hopefully some day mine will fall into this category too.
I love the double island in this kitchen. A great way to have space to layout your food on one of them for people to gather around and still have a workspace on the other.
This double wide island also helps keep guests out of your workspace while still be able to socialize with them, and I love having an actual kitchen table in addition to seating at the island.

I love this rustic dining table placed as though it were an island. It adds a sense of intimacy for your guests, but still provides a prep space for you. We'll be seeing this look in the final decor of the 18th Century Colonial renovation we've been following.
All I see when I look at this kitchen is space....there is ample space for people to sit or to stand and I imagine that the table could be pushed off to the side pretty easily to really create an open area when entertaining.
The L shaped seating on this island makes it much easier for conversations and again, I love the eat in table in the same space. And as an added bonus this island is nice and long.
The curvature of this kitchen really makes it appear much larger and all the windows make it brilliantly bright. Some day I'll be able to incorporate these features, but in the meantime I think I'll just move all the alcohol to the living room. That always gets my guests moving!

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